mobile electronics

in high, to look beyond...

We're a young company located in Piedmont, at the feet of the mountains
Our favorite hobby is to create and build electronic devices in the industrial, railway and avionic fields
A passion that drives us to meet the customer satisfaction, because each product is not only a work, but an idea that, day after day, takes form under our hands


our works

  • test equipments

    test equipments

    nobody want to buy defective devices, so let's check them before

  • sensors


    take information from everything and use it to improve your products

  • data acquisition

    data acquisition

    to better understand your world, you need to measure it

  • power management

    power management

    saving energy is a mark of respect for our abused world

  • diy stuffs

    diy stuffs

    have you a smart idea or a project? build it with our diy boards

  • telemetry


    devices are placed in uncomfortable location? send its data wherever you need



  • start


    face the challenge and collect information from the field

  • imagine


    look at the device from the user's perspective and make it simple

  • build


    don't worry for prototypes: we've a nice lab where to build everything

  • optimize


    devices need to be built in fast and reliable way, so make once again a little effort

  • support


    how it works? in a couple of year,
    nobody will remember it,
    if you don't write about it

  • deliver


    ...and your customer lived happily ever after!


about us

  • Portrait

    Andrea Gramazio

    founder & project manager

    I started to build electronic gadgets very young, when I understood that the best game was to disassemble toys. Now, I keep me updated on the cutting edge technologies, simply repairing the toys that my four babies destroy everyday.
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  • Portrait

    Walter Giusiano

    sw developer

    I live with my wife and my daughters in an old farmhouse, used in the first half of the twentieth century to breed silkworms bugs. Now everything is different... Every day I fight against the bugs (software), and try not give birth to new!
  • Portrait

    Paolo Bernocco

    hw / fw developer

    Deeds, not words!
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  • Portrait

    Andrea Giordano

    hw engineer

    I'd like to be a bit because it's simple. However, it is poor a little bit because of its three (mood) states: 0, 1 and undefinined. Instead, a byte is more complicated and more like me, because I am one who bites the challenges that life presents to me everyday

contact us

lab3841 mobile electronics

via parco giochi, 2 - 12100
cuneo, italy
tel: +39 333 616 4170

feel free to ask
whatever you have in mind!